Where is Roberts Ranch? On the Location page you can find the exact location.

What makes Robert’s Ranch so awesome? Its offering of some many different land options. 3.7 miles is ran through the woods which is great on sunny Florida days. It also offers a small pasture for open running and spectator viewing ares, and the hills are an awesome addition. It’s like three runs in one.


What is The Mud Titan?

The Mud Titan features at least 40 obstacles. It is designed to kick your butt.

The Mud Titan is designed for a well-rounded experience. We have put into the run a little bit of everything. We want to test your balance, agility, strength, teamwork and endurance. Put a team together and build out the experience.

What is Mini Mud Titan?

Mini Mud Titan is a 1 mile 15 obstacle challenge built for mini Titan’s 6-12 years of age. This run is complete with various challenges from climbing, crawling hurdling, and jumping. Each participant receives a shirt, number and finisher medal.

Are spectators allowed?


What is the spectator cost?

No charge! Parking will be required from all.

What makes this different from a regular 4 mile run?

Well, there are many differences. This run has mud, obstacles, big after party and activities for all ages. Plus, you get the challenge of a lifetime that was cause an addiction to be a lifelong obstacle runner. Also, while you sit around the water cooler at work and talk about what you did over the weekend, your story will top them all. You will also have the bling, bruises, and pics to prove it.

Can I do this if I’ve never done a Mud Run?

For sure! Many walk between obstacles. Remember, this is your run. You make it as intense as you like. There will be some extremely fit runners but there will be even more who just want to be around the excitement and have a good time.

Is run timed?

The first two waves are.  They are 8:00 (Elite) and 8:20 open timed. We will have a large game day clock to make your finish time visible.

What is the Elites Race? How do I qualify?

Elite means you want to compete with the top athletes. We don’t require a qualification for elite runners. We chip time the first 1st wave. Trophies will follow the forth wave.

Do you ever split up waves by gender and age?


I want to run with my friends/on a team, what happens if that wave time is sold out?

You will need to coordinate and go into to modify your registration. Each person has the ability to change their wave times.

Are there other options?

Waves go out every 20 minutes. Just move together to a new wave with room.

Do teams have to finish the race at the same time?


Can I get a refund on registration?

All registrations are final and non transferable to another race. You can however transfer the ticket to another runner.

Can you guarantee my wave (time) if I don’t get off work until that morning?

Life happens! We will work with anyone within reason.

Will there be showers?

Yes. We will have fresh running water to rinse off in.

Is there a time limit to finish the course?

No. You can walk, run or do anything in between.

Can we check bags?

Yes, we will have a key/bag check. The cost is $5.

Can I skip an obstacle?

Of course you can but you will have to do the alternative challenge called a burpee which could range from sit ups, push ups, up downs, etc.

Can I register the day of the event?

You can if we are not sold out. Prices are higher if you wait.

What is the minimum age to race?

12 For the adult run unless continually occupied by an adult.

Mini Mud Titan is for ages 6-12. It is a 1 mile course with 15 obstacles. The Mini Mud Titan’s will receive finisher medals, shirt, and race bib.

Can someone else pick up my race packet?

No. Due to us needing to verify ID and a signed waiver, each person will have to pick up their own individual race pack.

How many awards will be given out?

On our awards page you can see all the medals and awards that will be given out.

Are teams allowed?

Yes! If you register as a team.

Will there be photographers at the event?

Yes and all participants will be invited to our Facebook page to view them and download them..

Can I bring my own food?

Yes. We will not allow bottles.

Will there be food and drinks?

Yes. We will have vendors on site.

Do spectators pay admission?


Is there a parking fee?

Yes – $10.00 per car (cash only)

Are pets allowed?

Yes! But they will need to be on a leash.

Will the race include swimming?

No. But it will include a lot of mud and some area will be deeper than others but most everyone can walk through water areas.

What about the weather?

Unless it is lightning, we will be good to go. Obviously, there are possible cancellations: such as, mandatory evacuations or acts of God. We just don’t think that will happen.

Can I pick up my number and chip early?

Yes. We will have a pick up location. It is usually the night before the run. This information will be on Facebook page and an email will be sent out.

What do I bring? What time should I arrive?

Two hours is a safe bet. This way any traffic issues or unforeseen circumstances will only be a pleasant obstacle on the way to much more severe forms of torture.

A signed copy of your race waiver (found on your races specific event page) and a photo ID. We recommend closed in shoes and lightweight apparel. We also recommend a plastic bag or two for your muddy clothes post-race.

Once you arrive on-site:

1) Proceed to the “Registrations” tent near the entrance to the festival area.
2) Sign your Participant Waiver and show your ID.
3) Shirts, Bib, and waivers will be assigned once we have all the paperwork in place.
4) Proceed to the marking stations to get “marked” up. Our volunteers will write your number on your arms and forehead (optional).
6) Secure your chip to your person if used in your race. Chips will cost $6 if not returned.
6) Attach your BIB number to your shirt with safety pins.
10) Head into the festival area and look for the signs that say “START”. A long loud sound will come from the stage followed by the wave announcement.
11) Now go out there and have a great race!