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Joselito Rivera



Name: Joselito Rivera

Age: 50


I started running cross country as a sophomore in high school, ran through high school, got out, started a family life, and then joined the military.  Although I didn’t play sports, per say, other than cross country and wrestling, my running continued throughout my military career.  I really didn’t start running, to what I call competitively, until I moved to Florida back in 1998.  I then decided to sign up for my first official 5K run.

This year has been crazy, I’ll probably end up with about 50 races this year between road races and obstacle course races.  I will be racing all the major events and championship events that I can sign up for and continue to support the local Florida events.  Those are usually my favorite with the whole Titan Runs Series and other local races whenever I can do them.

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